Station Aiport First Class

The First Class area is located on the ground floor of the Station Airport. Here there are virtually no limits to your creativity. Enjoy free rein to your creative ideas.

The area under the glass roof offers space for a stage of up to 8 metres in height and a view undisturbed by columns, enabling you to perfectly stage fantastic shows and conferences.

In total, up to 1,650 people can be hosted in the First Class area; and 1,150 people if the gallery is used at the same time.


  • Overall area: 2,626 sqm
  • Maximum capacity: 1,650 people
  • Layout options:
    • Theatre style: 1,650 people
    • Classroom style: 882 people
    • Banquet style: 823 people
    • Gala style: 1,262 people
    • Kick-off style: 1,650 people
    • Disco style: 1,650 people
    • Exhibition style: 1,650 people
    • Plenum with exhibition: 1,650 people
    • Circular stage: 1,256 people

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